Ruth Lewis/Dimensional Dance

2020 GPAF Carol Sirot Artists’ Award in Dance

Dimensional Dance

Dimensional Dance members Jus Hues, Matisse Madden, Savana Jones, Alexia Bobrowski and Mollie Petrizzo. Rich Davis Photo

“Prudence Crandall & Sarah Harris: Whole-Souled Women”

Choreographer Ruth Vesenka Lewis created this original contemporary dance based on the true story of educator Prudence Crandall, who opened an academy in Canterbury, Connecticut, in 1831 and incurred her community’s wrath when she admitted a Black student, Sarah Harris. The two women risked their lives to advocate for social justice and challenge the status quo of racial discrimination in education. Thank you to Guilford resident Carol Sirot for funding this award, which enabled us to support the completion and premiere of the work. See “Prudence Crandall & Sarah Harris” rehearsal video.

About Dimensional Dance

Dimensional Dance

Rich Davis Photo

Dimensional Dance, based in Hartford, is a 10-person dance company that was formed by Ruth Lewis in 2011 to inspire and educate people through dance, using innovative choreography and programming. Lewis started the company with the dance piece M-Theory Beyond String Theory, which explores movement and fundamental forces. Members of the company create and choreograph pieces for Dimensional Dance to perform in a variety of dance genres, from classical to contemporary.