With three successful festival cycles under our belt, we’re looking for a small number of passionate and dedicated people to help us reach the next level of effectiveness and sustainability.

Thanks to a tremendous amount of volunteer effort and terrific support from the Guilford community plus regional and state grantmaking entities, we’ve got a solid foundation to build on: a programming model that combines high-quality live performance in music, dance and drama with education and a social service mission; and a community that appears to value what we’re doing.

But we’re still a startup; Covid interrupted our momentum; and we know we can only go on for so long as a fully volunteer organization. Therefore, we’re looking for a few people interested in digging in to help us create the right operating model and structure for the future. Between now and the next festival in 2023, we’ll be doing strategic planning and capacity building, and we’d love help guiding and managing that process as well implementing what comes out of it.

Especially if you’ve got experience and/or knowledge in any of the following areas, we’d love to hear from you: arts and cultural programming or education; nonprofit finance and/or management; marketing and social media; organizational development; community engagement; impact measurement; and human resource/volunteer management.

Send an email to Peter Hawes, acting chairman, if you’re interested.

(Peter Hawes photo)