Julie Fitzpatrick, our 2020 Artists’ Award recipient in Spoken Word, is working on a book form of the script of her play All the World’s a Stage: A Guilford (Pandemic) Love Story. She reports, “It includes background on how the piece was formed and the process of creating it, from initial idea to culminating performance. I think/hope it will function as a memorable time capsule for Guilford—a record of the pandemic’s first wave in 2020 and how that initial year unfolded in town.” We’ll stay in touch with her and pass along information about its progress—including when, how and where you can get a copy.

Julie’s creation and performance of All the World’s a Stage has led to two other opportunities: a project called Storytelling Thru the Ages at the Madison Arts Barn, in which elders share their life stories with teenagers, who in turn create pieces of theater/dance/performance art from those tales; and an invitation to join the inaugural Playwright’s Circle at Legacy Theatre, for which she’s been writing two scenes or one-act plays. She’s also serving as a theatre instructor for Legacy’s Wheel Life Theatre, a drama troupe for people who ambulate with crutches or use wheelchairs.

(Peter Hawes photo)