There would be no Guilford Performing Arts Festival without the collaboration and support of our many partners, from foundations, patrons and in-kind donors to the Town of Guilford and the schools, studios, churches and businesses that serve as venues.

In addition to financial and venue partners, we’re looking for programming, marketing and community-service partners for the 2021 festival. We’re particularly interested in area universities; music, drama and dance schools; music clubs and theaters that might provide innovative and diverse performance and educational programs; businesses and arts organizations that see the value of co-marketing; and human service organizations interested in using the arts to benefit your constituents.

Universities and performing arts schools: Lend your faculty and/or outstanding student ensembles to the festival as performers or teachers. Let the community know about the strengths and benefits of your arts programs, the talent of your faculty and students, and show your generous community spirit. We’ll promote your institution and give you space on site to distribute literature, meet the public and recruit students. The festival would provide a perfect activity or atmosphere for an alumni reunion.

Music clubs and theaters: Co-create and co-brand a jazz speakeasy, a rock room or a cabaret with us. We’ll promote your venue, give you a space on site to distribute literature and provide you with an opportunity to sell tickets to upcoming shows.

Restaurants, shops and other businesses: Attract customers, build traffic and increase revenue by offering discounts to festival-goers.

What else you got? Bring us your creative ideas, and let’s find a way to produce a win-win for the festival and your organization, institution or business. Contact Peter Hawes, festival vice chairman and head of programming.

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