We’re very excited to announce that we’ve lined up 38 performers in our first wave of commitments to the 2019 festival! We’re continuing to review applications and will announce a second wave, including several national “marquee” names, in early July. A full schedule should be in place in August.

The roster to date includes concerts by 24 musical artists; seven performances, readings and other events in drama, storytelling, poetry, literature and history; three dance performances; and interactive programs that include theater improv, a drum circle, musicians’ jam and a hypnotism/mind-reading experience.

All of these events will be free to the public and will be held between September 26 and 29 at more than a dozen venues on and around the Guilford Green and various other sites in town. Artists committed to the festival so far include:

            Music: The Argyle Sax Quartet, Bassless Trio, Cherry Pie, Laura Clapp, the Derek Grippo Project, Driving Route 9, Duo Beltenstrum, Joe Flood, the Hagner-McKay Nonet, Living with Robots, Jim Paradis, the John Spignesi Band, The Racket Downstairs, River Run, Phil Rosenthal and the Guilford Ramblers, Seat of Our Pants, Steve Shelton, Suzanne Sheridan, the Skunk Misery Ramblers, String of Pearls Big Band, Tuxedo Junction Big Band, Wild Maple and Youth XL. They’ll be joined by Noah Baerman and Friends, winner of the first Guilford Performing Arts Festival Artists’ Award in music.

            Drama, storytelling, etc: Dennis Culliton, the Guilford Poets Guild, Dolores Hayden, Herstory Theater, Madison Lyric Stage and Just One Sip. They’ll be joined by Susan Cinoman, our Artists’ Award winner in drama.

            Dance/movement: Natyamandala, Shoreline Ballet and The Spot/Guilford Acrobatics.

            Interactive: FOCUS Teen Improv will present improvisational theater, Sarah Prown will organize a musicians’ jam, Peter Hawes will lead a drum circle and Keith Zalinger will read festival goers’ minds.

We’ll post more information about each of these artists as we firm up the schedule.

Stay tuned for details on the many more shows we’ll be announcing soon! A big thank-you to the 81 performers who spent more time than they probably ever expected filling out applications—and to the 12 GPAF volunteers who spent weeks reviewing them. This is going to be a fantastic festival and a true community effort!