Since 2019, a key element of the Guilford Performing Arts Festival has been commissioning new work and premiering it at the following year’s festival. To date, we’ve granted a total of $20,000 to eight Connecticut performing artists: playwrights Emily Breeze, Susan Cinoman and Julie Fitzpatrick; musicians Noah Baerman and Skyler Hagner; and dancers/dance companies Dimensional Dance, Iddi Saaka and Thomas/Ortiz Dance.

We’ll be continuing the Artists’ Awards program this year for work to be performed at the 2023 festival. We expect to open applications in the spring; visit our website or check the spring issue of this newsletter for an announcement of program details. The core criteria are that you must be a professional performing artist, live in Connecticut, and use the grant to create or complete a new work that has not yet been performed publicly.

Shoot us an email if you have questions or if you want to make sure you receive notice when applications open.